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Danielle is a writer, intuitive and a student of A Course in Miracles who shares her journey with honesty, love and the intention to heal. She lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her two children.

1coverDanielle’s first novel, Without Fear of Falling, was published on April 26, 2013 by Soul Rocks Books.

The Book...

Twenty-two-year-old Ellie Stewart would much rather forget that she can see into the past lives of those she meets, but when she crosses paths with Declan O’Shea, an attractive yet troubled artist, flashes of 18th-century Britain begin to plague her mind and push Ellie to uncover the mystical connection that she and Declan share…  Read More


The Blog...

Let Go. Be Dragged.

The sun above us was a blessing and a curse. For me, freckled and pale, the sun had been a foe since childhood. For my children, it was the promise of another long day at the beach. We were here- feet in the wet sand, wind blowing hard as it does on the Bruce Peninsula. My boyfriend flinging my son into the warm water, both laughing hard with mischief. My bikini-clad daughter sat pensively assessing her castles in the sand. She had built an empire only to have it come crashing down beneath the careless paws of a rogue Golden Retriever. She pouted for a moment, shrugged and then ran off to join her brother. I leaned back in my bright green lawn chair and turned to my friend beside me. My hat and sunglasses hid my face, but damn- they were necessary. I was grateful for the private moment with her. There was something I wanted to address and talk out- a chasm I wanted to cross. “We both know I’m sensitive…” I began. My friend nearly spit out her beer. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” I said. “Seriously, though.” She tucked flailing brown locks behind her ears and smiled wide. “I’m listening,” she urged. “My skin, my stomach, my emotions, but also my empathy- all sensitive. It’s getting harder to navigate these days.” I paused to spy my loved ones diving into the waves. “I take on too much. I immerse myself in their pain.” My friend drew an elastic from her beach bag and tied her hair back. “Tell me more about that,” she said. “I don’t know how it... read more

A Winter Memory

I kicked at the frozen slush behind my front tire with force. It fell and crumbled onto my still snow-covered driveway. I was a lazy shoveler and the only one who suffered for it was me. It was a full-on effort to park my car on the snowy incline every day, but I did…usually. My friend was already in the van. She shook her head to the beat of The Arkells, her dark hair dancing. I smiled. I felt light today, lighter than I had in a while. Lots of acceptance and tears and good music and prayer was happening. Days like this began to build upon one another. Thank God for it. I climbed in and checked my reflection in the rearview mirror. My lipgloss was still intact. Perfect. We could go. “Where are we off to again?” she asked, still grooving. “Mexican,” I answered. “Damn, for a second I thought you were gonna say Mexico….” I laughed. What a thought. Somewhere warm and foreign and bright. If only… My friend turned the radio down and turned to me as I pulled out of the driveway. “So what did you do today?” I shifted in my seat as I recalled, silently, the events of the day…the highlight being a snowball fight with my kids. But then I remembered the man I met. The man at the park whose son played with mine, who came up beside me the way only extroverts can (how do they do it?!) and spoke to me as if I’d know him for years. “I seem to invite disclosure,” I said to my friend.... read more

The Space

They sat in their garden facing one another and yet unable to look up. He wore sunglasses in any case. When she tried to see his eyes, she could not. Perhaps it was better that way. The space between them was heavy, laden with fear though they carried it differently. She, wanting to run. He, wanting to hold her close and never let go. She never thought of herself as afraid of love. She was an open heart beating with wonder, she thought. But the last time…the last time it all ended in a moment- a moment two years ahead of actually parting ways. So what if they had already had their moment? What if they were now simply biding their time to goodbye? Her friend had said “You are smarter than this. Your heart is wanting to understand, not to judge. You will have to be honest about your fears. It’s the only way to feel at peace.” Pushing past the lies in her brain, she breathed into the truth in her chest. It was too easy to blame him. The work here was to face all of it and let the chips fall where they may. With fear at the helm, she would keep running, but love- love may just let him in. She walked a tightrope in her mind. The fear of falling was palpable, but there was a voice. There was a voice so soft it made her think of pillows to cushion her landing. It reminded her of a mother’s whispers to her baby, of a father’s promise to his son. This voice was quiet. She had... read more

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Danielle offers Forgiveness Coaching, Mentoring with A Course in Miracles, Writing Coaching and Intuitive Readings.

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