Dear Me @ 17,

You cry a lot.  And there is so much to smile about.  You keep a lot inside.  And there are so many people who will understand.

You can trust yourself.  You can trust your parents.  You can trust him.  You are surrounded in love.

And by the way, he’s not a mind-reader.  He doesn’t know you spent 3 hours deciding what to wear.  He doesn’t know you hate how you look.  How could he?  Give him a break my love.

Oh, and while you’re at it, give yourself a break.  You are lit from within and have so many years to run through.  You are potential personified.

Be kind.  You are not mean.  You merely misunderstand yourself at times.  Your heart is big.

Love yourself.  Know that no one could ever love you the way that you can.  There is no replacement for love of the self.  This is not conceit, this is truth.

Keep your food down.  Nourish yourself.  You deserve health & vibrance.  You deserve the best.

Remember that everything you desire is already on its way to you.  Remember though, to enjoy the moment.  The here and now is all we have.  It is also all we need.

You are indeed smart, but wisdom is the goal.  You do not need good grades, but doing your best is required.


Oh and by the way, you are beautiful.  You have killer curves and a compassionate heart.  You make me smile.

Love, You @ 31

P.S. You marry him.  You are happy.  You light up the world.

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