I awoke this morning in deep appreciation for my body, for it has served me so well.  I move easily and freely.  I breathe without effort.  I stretch and bend without discomfort.  I carry boxes, bags and babies.  I kiss and hug and love.  I dance.  And I do all of this in a body I used to despise.

I feel that ingratitude and I forgive it; I release it.  For I know better now.  I know now that all I was on the inside was a denial and that merely showed up as my outer appearance.  I was beautiful all this time and never acknowledged it….never had the strength to admit it.  I worked on that.  I still work on that.

And now I have reverence for my body.  I look in the mirror and I see Love reflected back.  I give thanks for my freckles.  I give thanks for the curve of my hips, the swell of my breast, the shape of my legs.  I smile at my red hair, my blues eyes and my pale white skin.  I put my hand to my belly and I bow my head in appreciation.  For my belly carried two beautiful children and has held my nourishment for these 31 years.  How can I ever repay such a kindness?

I am forever grateful for my body…for that which carries my spirit.  And though I had abused it so cruelly for a decade and a half, I am resolved.  I wake up everyday with a firm determination to have love for myself…all parts of myself.  Never again will I use an ill thought or word against me.  Never again will I allow it from anyone else.  Love is the minimum and compassion is the order of the day.

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