I am surrounded by beautiful people.  I feel their pain.  I share their joys.  I notice them hesitate before they confide something they’ve been holding onto.  And I make sure…I make sure that my heart is open.  It’s important they feel safe…that they know it’s ok.  I am so grateful to hold their heads in my lap…to stroke their hair as I say: “I’ve been there.”

My journey, 31 years long, has taught me much and yet I know there are still many more miles to go.  I have chosen to learn and to share.  To learn and to share…a lovely cycle of love.  It is my calling.  It is, I believe, the calling for all humankind.  Because we all do this in one way or another do we not?  We train employees.  We raise children. We give tours. We demonstrate.  In short, we teach.

And in the teaching, we heal.  We assuage fears of the unknown.

All that has caused me pain, all that has made me cry out, all that has lifted me up, all that has brought me peace; I share it all.  We are the same you and I.  And if I have been down the road that you have just veered onto, I offer my hand.

My heart beats big for that.

A guiding hand held out by someone who has been there…An offer of love and an acceptance with thanks…Yes, my heart beats big for that.

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