You remind me of me.  With your blue eyes and your questions.  The way you look when you’re surprised or when you’re thinking out loud.

You remind me of me.  With those bursts of creativity followed by thoughts of fear and doubt.  The way your hair gets in your face with an unrelenting wind.

You remind me of me.

And I remember how I felt when I was five.  I remember what I wanted.  I remember feeling love so purely and then searching for it again in my mother’s eyes…in my teacher’s praise…in the acceptance of a friend.

You remind me.

And I recall the frustration of the world not showing me what I want.  I remember hopes being dashed and then suddenly the sun coming out again.

You remind me.

And I recite back those words I used to say to myself: “I like puppies, friends and my home. I like to learn stuff.  I’m fun.”

You helped me remember.

You give me that nudge.  You forgive in a breath.  You love to overflowing.  You feel joy like a warm embrace.  You sing with your angels.  You help me recall.

You are a wonder.  You are me reflected back.  You are a gift and you remind me of me, so thank-you.  I love you baby girl.  Thank-you.

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