Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze.  And know that it is me.  I am with you. 

Run your fingers through your hair and breathe.  And know that it is me.  I protect you.

Hold your hands against your heart and feel.  And know that it is me.  I am the beat within.

You fell.  You cried.  You learned. 

You sniffed. Wiped your eyes and bowed your head.

You prayed.  You blessed.  You shared.

In short, you remembered.

And that is how you heal us.  That is how you teach us.  We need to know you’ve been there!  We need to know you understand what Hell feels like.  We need to know that you are not a saviour, but that you are our brother.  And we need to know that you reach out for help sometimes.

And when you do…

Know that your light reveals as much as your dark.  That your pain is shared and halved.  That your words are never wasted and that we live for you!  For we are you.  And we are in this together.

Love you.

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