I did not know how bad it had gotten.  I did not know.

How starved my spirit had become, I did not know.

How shallow was my breathing, I did not know.

How bland was the food I ate, I did not know.

How cut off from love I was, I did not know.

And then my soul craved beauty…

So slowly, slowly I began to awaken to a world that had beat on all the while…all the while I fitfully slept.  It shone and it danced.

Here the food was bright, healthy and delicious.  Here were gentle friends with a ready smile and open arms.  Here money came easily and was given away with an open heart and unyielding faith.  Here feelings were felt and then released for all knew only love is real.

And I knew this was right.  I knew this was true.  That this is how the world works and always has.  That you are loved and valued for exactly who you are.  That you are supported through wind and rain, through pleasure and pain, through all your soul calls forth.

And I sighed with relief.  For though I had been asleep these 30 years, I had awoken to the beauty that had rocked me all this time.  And I was forgiven.

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