Gather up all your worries, your troubles, your strife.  Take as much as you can carry.  Set it down.  Light a candle.  Breathe.

With eyes closed you make yourself comfortable and sit up straight.  With eyes closed you begin to see a bright white light.  With eyes closed you see that light expand until it envelops you, covers you, is you.  Breathe.

As the light is, so you are.  You are pure, burdenless, beautiful.  How sweet it is to remember!  If only for a moment or two, you remember.  Breathe.

With eyes closed you offer up that which you can no longer bear.  With eyes closed you surrender.  With eyes closed you weep, say thank-you, whisper “I love you”.

For as you surrender you give yourself leave to live.  Your life becomes bigger than you.  If only for a moment or two, it’s about something bigger than you.

With eyes closed you focus on your heart and feel the love there.  With eyes closed you send that love to yourself.   With eyes closed you send that love to the room, the city, the world.  And all the while you breathe.

As love is, so you are.  You are calm, peaceful, perfect.  And you rest in that knowing.  And nothing seems worth worrying about anymore.  If only for a moment or two, there are no worries.

And now with eyes closed you begin to stir, to come back down.   But the peace remains; the love lies lit and you are renewed.

Because with eyes closed we begin again.  With eyes closed we release what weighs us down, hampers us, irks us.  And with eyes closed and the willingness declared, we heal.

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