I don’t get disappointed with others in my life too often.  For the most part, I have compassion and can see them for the light that they are.  It’s when I put them on a pedistal that I get into trouble.  There’s nowhere for them to go but down…nothing for them to do but fall.

And that’s not fair.

I know that there’s greatness within me.  I know that I have so much wisdom to impart, so much love to share!  And sometimes it scares me.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it.  So what do I do?  I take all of that awesomeness, wrap it up and give it to someone else…only I don’t tell them so.  I pretend that the superwoman I am is actually her…just her, this other person outside of me.  That way I don’t have to deal with it.  That way I don’t have to fail.  That way I protect myself.

And wow…that’s so unfair.

Because the truth is we’re all amazing.  We are all divine, filled with purpose and oozing love.  And if I don’t recognize that, I cheat humankind.  I rob the world of its potential.

And that ain’t cool.

So I offer my hand.  You can step down from that place I put you.  I see you now before me and look into your eyes.  And here you cannot disappoint and I cannot fail.  We are the same.  I walk with you.  This work we do, we do together.  We light up the world!  We are the same.

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