I move with the wind.  I let go a while back and just let it carry me.  It brought me here.  And I like it here.

I swim with the current.  I opened my arms, set myself adrift and floated along.  It led me here.  And I like it here.

For so long I resisted.  For so long I insisted I knew better!  I did not.  I had been lapping up all these ideas of what should be.  I took them on as my own, made them my setpoints and called myself ambitious.  I was scared.  On the outside was action and a lot of reaction; within was fear of not being enough.  No more…

I am more than enough.

I move with the wind and I listen when it says: “When are you going to love you as much as I do?”.  I reply: “Today”.

I swim with the current and when it asks: “Where shall we go today?”, I reply “Wherever you take me”.

Because I let go.

Self-love is funny like that.  I learned to wait because I realized that I was who I’d been chasing all those years.  And I learned to surrender because I realized that what I had been coveting was never really mine.

And so I say to you: “What are we gonna to do today?  Where are we gonna go?  What are we gonna say and to whom?”.  Let’s get carried away.

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