“I’m so happy already!” she says as she looks up at me with those wide, blue and sparkling eyes.  We are off on an adventure!  We are off to explore the treasures of small island in Northern Ontario.  Off we go…

And it’s so simple to please her.  Time, time is all she needs.  And though I’d like to think that I do, I don’t always take the time with her.  There is so much I want to do, to love, to serve and to shift.  And all the while she watches me with those wide, blue and sparkling eyes.

“I just want to be you mommy,” she says.  And I say “Whatever for? You are you my love!  You are perfection”.  And she says “Everybody loves you mommy”.  And it hits me.  I get it.  I get what she means.  I have so much time for others.  My heart is open and I love to help and she sees this.  She sees the time I give that is not given to her.  Not just any kind of time…devoted time.

It’s so simple to show her she is loved.  Be present and listen.  And though I’d like to think that being home with her everyday is enough, it is not.  She wants, and deserves, my undivided attention…to see my laughing blue eyes light up just for her.

And so we went on an adventure where treasures were plenty, hugs and laughs were everywhere to be found!  On an island in Northern Ontario amid snowdrifts and frozen lake, I remembered what it means to be loved by your mommy.  I remembered what it is like to look up to a woman of beauty and worth.  And it occurred to me for the first time, I am that woman now.  I am that for her.  And sometimes, her mother’s time is all she needs.

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