What if all of this hurt was just inside my head?  What if my heart wasn’t really broken and my life not a mess at all?  It could be true, but it seems otherwise.  And what to trust then?

Because underneath the crazy is a calm.  Amid all the mayhem is a knowing that this too shall pass.  And perhaps all that is not constant is untrue.  And if this pain is untrue, it is unreal.  And if it is unreal, then I can forgive it.  If I can forgive, then surely I can heal.

So I think I’ll trust the calm.  I believe I shall listen to the knowing and move from there.  Yes, I will.  Starting today I move from that place of peace.  I will act from my heart and know that all is well all the time.

Even when the Earth is shaking, even when the sky breaks open…I am loved from beyond the beyond.  I sense it.  I feel it.  I know it in my heart.  And I choose to move from that.

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