I asked Fear and Fear said no, so I asked Love instead.  And it’s not that Love always says yes, but that Fear always says no.  So I won’t ask Fear anymore.

I’m breaking through to the other side.  I’m opening up to a new way of thinking, of being.  No longer will I be held back by that which wants to hide me.  Instead I choose my light, my power, my truth.

And there’s no big ceremony for this.  There’s no red carpet, no trophy, no prize.  This is merely a decision I make.  And that’s where this gets tricky…

Why?  Because I have to make it every day.  Every day I have to choose Love.  Every hour, every minute all the time.  I do this over and over, until I don’t have to do it anymore.

So I’m opening up, getting in tune, forgiving, serving and loving.  And though it may appear on the outside that nothing has changed, within I have made leaps and bounds.

Because I asked Fear and Fear said no.  Fear would like to keep me stuck.  So I asked Love and Love said “You already know,” and I won’t ask Fear anymore.  Nope, I won’t ask Fear anymore.

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