Out beyond the forest is a clearing.  It’s not easy to get there, especially in the dark, but it beckons me.  I hear it call.  In this clearing there is light and this light reflects off of every possible surface.  It is nearly blinding, and yet so deliciously all-encompassing.  It is warm, inviting and safe.  I would like to get there today.

If only for a moment.

Out beyond the forest is a clearing.  For right now though, I am surrounded by the trees.  They wish to distract me with their beauty, their majesty and for a while I sit in awe.  But I am called by that which lies beyond and I know I must answer.  So I wade through the thickness, knowing every path will lead me there.  No one way is best.  I need only walk with the intent to find.

And I will get there yet.

It gets cold here in the forest.  Some days the light is harder to see.  I give thanks for the yielding ground, the guiding sunbeams, the berries, nuts and water along the way.  I know I could rest and sometimes I do, but my aim is to be pulled to the clearing.  If I close my eyes, I can feel it.  I know it is not far.  But sometimes I become distracted and momentarily forget where I’m going.

And then there are times…

When I scream out “What am I doing?!  This is ridiculous!  I am such a fool!  How can I put so much faith in something I’ve seen only glimpses of?!  How can I be so silly?”.  And I weep for a while.  I go to my knees for a time.  Until again I feel the pull…until again I hear the call…

“We’ve never wavered in our love and our location has never changed.  If you will it, you could be here now.  If you will it, you can know we are with you always…”

I breathe in and I remember.  Out beyond the forest is a clearing.  I know because I’ve glimpsed it.  I know because I’ve felt it.  I know because I know.

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