I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t tell the truth.  Not so often these days, but it happens.  And every time, without fail I think to myself afterwards “Why did I say that?  Why didn’t I just say what was true?”.

The only reason I am ever not telling the truth is because I am afraid.  More specifically it is because I am afraid of other people.  I fear being judged, misunderstood, disliked.  I gather up all these fears and I allow them to keep me from trusting.  I believe we are all parts of the same whole.  I believe we are all brothers and sisters.  So really, how do I think I can keep things from my sister?  How do I think I am fooling my brother?

And the answer is: I don’t.  The truth hangs in the air so thick and palpable that it is fruitless to cover it up.  Sooner or later what is real is revealed.  And since we’re all energy, an intuitive mind can suss out a falsehood.  Something just won’t quite feel right with a lie.  That goes for the liar as well.  A lie causes us to feel unhinged, off kilter, askew.  It’s felt at a soul level and it’s toxic.

The more lies I tell, the more I deny who I really am.  Eventually that takes its toll.  Eventually, all is unveiled.

My intention here is not to suggest that we say the truth all the time unfiltered.  Instead I suggest we simply live it.  We declare a willingness to end this inner battle of fear vs. love and we pick love every time.  Let love steer the course.  Let love tell you what to say, when and to whom.  When we are at peace with who we are, suddenly everyone else is too.  When no doubts exist, then there is nothing to prey upon.  Love is your sword and your shield.

Intend to unearth who you are and live it without apology.  The truth is breathing down your neck.  You may as well turn around and embrace it.  Know that there is nothing to fear and that by living your truth you give leave for your brothers and sisters to do the same.  Truth and Unity…it’s a beautiful thing.

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