I can feel your silent tug at me.  I know it’s you.  You whisper: “What about me?” and I say: “I take you with me.  No matter where I go or what I do, I take you with me.”  It may seem as though I have become a gathering storm of connections, of importance, but it’s just me making my way.  I reach higher and further and as I do, I open up and allow more than just the “same old, same old”.

And I never leave you behind.  That is a choice you make.

We cannot apologize for doing what we said we’d do.  We cannot feel guilt at reaching a goal.  If I seem to move past you, it is only because I have chosen to turn on my light and shine the way for a while.  Let me be your guide as you have been mine.  May we walk this way together knowing there is nothing to fear.

I would never leave you behind.  You decide where you stand.

After so long being asleep…after so long living a lie, the time has come to serve.  There is a way of being in this world that only I can be.  There is a way to move, to shake and to breathe that only I can offer.  The same is true for you.  And as the world lies in wait, I offer you my hand.  Will you go with me?  In your own way, with your own voice, will you go with me?

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