If this world is a classroom then who is my teacher? If I am willing to learn and eager to listen then what is on the agenda?

A pitter-patter in my head. Here a hate, there an attack. Thoughts a -jumble. Sadness. Confusion.

Who will make it stop but me? Who sets the curriculum? And somewhere within me I know that it is me. I am my own headmaster.

And if that is true, if that is how this works, then how do I know what to choose?

Choose Love.

Ok.  Choose Love.  What does love sound like?

Better yet, what does it feel like?

Good I suppose.  I don’t know if I know!  How messed up is that?

Yes, it feels good and you know it.  You know it like the back of your hand for that is what it is.  It is you and you are it.  Love is what you are made of.  Love is why you exist.  We are talking now of a force, an energy, a field.  This is the Source of all things.  You will recognize it, subtle though it may be, because you are of it.

And it’s different than this constant traffic of nonsense that goes on in my head?  Will I hear it through the noise?

Yes.  Be willing and you will.  Love is always here to teach you.  You can always choose to hear the lessons.

So what is the noise?

Nonsense.  It’s the fog you wade through to see the light that was lit all along.

Is it my other teacher?

You could look at it that way.  Which teacher would you rather have?


Ok then.  Class is in session.

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