I heard Oprah say the other day: “All pain is the same” .  So what if this is true?  It feels true.  I believe it is true.  So what does this mean?  I believe it means we can heal from anything.  I believe it means that we are all one; that we are all teeny, tiny little parts of a big,  beautiful whole.  I believe it means that in order to recognize our wholeness, our unity, our oneness, we must forgive.  We must, at least, be willing to forgive everything and everyone.  All of it.

Can you say that you are one with the child but not the murderer?  Do you think  you are one with the innocent but not the guilty?  We are brothers and sisters and we all feel lost.  We all feel disconnected.  We all feel pain.  We feel it because we think we are separate from the loving force that created us.

We are not.

“To forgive is to heal.” ~A Course in Miracles

So how to forgive?  I offer my method which is based on the teachings I have gathered so far from A Course in Miracles.  I offer this not denying that bad things happen here on this physical plane.  I am not saying that forgiving means we now have to take long walks on the beach with those we forgive.  I am not saying that there isn’t awfulness in this world.  I am saying that there is another way to look at things.  I am saying we can change our minds.  When we do this we remember our unity.  We remember who we really are.

I begin with the willingness to forgive.  Sometimes I even have to ask for the willingness.  I then recognize that I am not upset for the reason I think.  All pain is the same.  I am upset, at the root, because I feel separate from the Divine and from my brothers & sisters.  This feeling of separation makes us all act out or believe deep, deep down that we somehow deserve to be a victim.

I then recognize that we are not separate.  We are one.    With the help of the Divine, I forgive you.  I forgive myself.  I recognize that at our root, we are both innocent.  We both, for a second, bought into the idea that we were separate from our Creator and from one another.  I ask for a miracle.  I ask to see this situation with Love instead of fear.

I give all negativity surrounding this situation over to the Divine (in my case, I give it over to the Holy Spirit).  I ask for healing and release.

“My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself. Let me, then, forgive the world, that it may be healed along with me.” ~A Course in Miracles.

When we let go of the story of what has happened, we can begin to see the truth.  The result is healing.  The result is love.  The result is the beginning of peace.

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