I only wish I saw it sooner…

Sometimes I’ll ask my friends if I’m *too* honest in my blog posts.  It is posts like Mia’s that remind me there’s no such thing.  We are all participants in the human experience and all that is contained therein is valid.  It’s all helpful.  If you’re going through something then you can damn well be certain that someone else is too.

We can’t hide.  We cannot hide our light from those who wish to see it.  I see yours.  You cannot hide from me.

There’s so much pain in this world and I believe that all pain is the same.  All this pain does is blind us to the truth of who we are.  We are pure loving, light.  We cannot hide that forever.

I found you Mia and though that may not be your real name, I know a part of you so completely because it is a part of me.  You cannot hide.  Love is all around you.  Remember that.  Love is all there is.

Read Mia’s post here and send lots of love please.

xoxo Danielle

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