Despite many things having remained the same, my life looks somehow different to me now.  There is a light, a gentle laughter and a knowledge underneath it all.  This is serious business I am undertaking and yet I’m not taking myself seriously.  I am committed to seeing the healing through.

There’s a sense that I’ve had it all wrong for most of my life, but also a sense of that being ok.  I welcome learning.  I welcome a teacher of infinite patience and compassion.  I welcome miracles.

And as much as I’d love to make myself special and get out there and change the world, I cannot help but feel that isn’t what will change it.  I sense that a change in the world will come from a shift in how I see the world.  I need not shake my fist and stomp the floor, although at times that may be what is called for.

I’m beginning to see that I am being guided at any given moment.  This is my church and my altar.  As I am willing to give my life over to a loving power greater than myself, I will be shown where to go and what to say.  No need to push, no need to shove.  The urge to call my brother, that spark to write a book: this is how I move.  I allow it.  I give it legs.

And clarity…clarity will come.  I am after all, still drowsy.

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