Devil's Monument, Bruce Peninsula

This past weekend I faced some fears.  It wasn’t my intention to face these specific situations, but it is my intention every morning to surrender and remember what my purpose is, that being to choose love over fear.

It started last Thursday as I packed my 2 children (Noelle 6 and Ivan 3) into my car to head up to the family cottage for the weekend.  My husband would be meeting us there the following day.  When we left the weather was fairly mild and sunny.  Two hours later however, we were in the thick of one of the worst storms I’ve ever had to drive in.  Snow was blowing everywhere, there was fog and since our cottage is pretty far north, there were no streetlights and very few cars on the road.  I called on Spirit right away. Part of me wanted to freak out, pull over and cry.  The other part calmly said “Keep going.”

After 30 minutes of driving blind, we made it to a town with a motel and headed to the cottage the next morning.  Miracle #1

On Sunday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to write that day.  I asked my husband to take the kids home and I would stay at the cottage to write for a while and head back in the evening.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t get the words to flow.  The story I am writing takes place in a town 30 minutes north of where I was.  I decided to drive up there for inspiration.  On the way there is a place called “Devil’s Monument” that I wanted to include in the story.  I decided to drive to it and see it for myself.

Devil’s Monument is located on a cliffside, the Niagara escarpment, along Georgian Bay.  I drove not knowing exactly where I was going.  There were signs sporadically, but for the most part I was driving on instinct.  Eventually I had to drive down a one-lane muddy, gravel road that ended at a trail.  Even though I wasn’t dressed for the weather (1 degree Celsius) I felt it was ok to keep going.  It was 1.7km to the monument and I knew I was fighting daylight since it was already 3:30 in the afternoon.  I surged on and stopped to text my husband to let him know where I was. “Sounds great! Enjoy,” he texted back. I knew Spirit was with me.

Calmly in the background of my mind was a voice saying “You’re going to meet an animal”.  I kept going.  Reaching a fork in the trail I saw that I could go left or right.  Right was a shorter distance to the monument so I went that way.  I reached a clearing with a thick copse of trees to my right.  All of a sudden I heard rustling.  I stopped dead.  Then I heard a growl.  I screamed.  Frozen in my tracks, my mind raced.  I could hear the animal pacing not 10 feet away from me and I knew it was a wolf.  I heard another growl and I screamed and ran back.  I ran the entire way back to my car.  I knew the wolf wasn’t chasing me, and I knew I was safe, but I ran anyways.

I reached my car, safe and sound.  Didn’t see the monument, but all limbs were intact. Miracle #2

Driving back I decided to keep going north and check out the town of Tobermory, the place where my story is set.  I’ve been there many times as a visitor, but wanted to check out some of the back roads.  By the time I was done, it was dark.  This meant I would have a 4 hour drive home through small Ontario towns and again, roads with no streetlights.  I had done it before, just not alone.

About 2hours into the drive back, my 10 year-old Passat starts acting up.  The gear changes are rough and sometimes getting the car to go at all is a challenge.  Again, I give it over to the Holy Spirit.  The pictures I see are not real.  I rest in Spirit and am safe.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to be stupid.  It means I will trust the loving voice within.  I keep going.  About 30 minutes north of the ONLY city I would drive through, the car dies.  I pull to the side of the road and call my husband.

“Stay where you are,” he says.  “I’ll come and get you.”

That loving voice within tells me I can make it a little further.  Even though I’m on a road I’ve only been on a few times before (and in daylight each time), I feel strongly that there is a mechanic a few miles up ahead.  I let the car cool, start it again and drive on.  Going around a bend, I know that the next sign I see will be an auto repair shop.  It is.

I pull into the driveway on the right hand side.  I make it into the parking lot and the car dies again.  I am safe. Miracle #3.

This past weekend was funky for sure, but I am so grateful. These events seem big, but they’re not really.  The thing is, I know miracles are happening every instant.  Any time I choose to listen to Love instead of fear, I ask for and receive a miracle.  All is well.  I am safe.  I am on my way home and taking everyone with me.

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