“I have to know I can be happy without you,” I say quietly.

He tilts his head and smiles. “You would be.”

And I believe him.  He is the one who knows me best.

The world’s idea of love can make you crazy…if you let it.  I’m embarking on a new idea…a different framework.  Though romance makes my heart swell and quickens my breath, I know I am not a body.  Bodies are sneaky…giving you glimpses of pleasure mixed with weeks of woe.


I will skate along and sing the song, but my mind will play a different tune.  I choose to remember who I was before the guilt, before the shame.  And no longer will I blame. I let go.


Perhaps it is not about being happy without him, but happy…just happy.  With an open mind and a decision to be kind, I am ready.  Aligned with love, below and above, I make peace with life.  I am ready.

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