by Clarisa Mompremier

Flashback three months ago, I made the decision to turn my life upside down. I resigned my comfy, secure, stable job and I committed to working the twelve steps to recovering from a bad addiction to money and shopping.

The fear of having made a serious mistake quickly came in, but I clung tight to a line in the Course, which says, “Some of your greatest advances you have judged as failures, and some of your deepest retreats you have evaluated as success.” I chose to trust that my inner guide knew best and somehow this was all happening to deepen my relationship to spirit.

I had a fear of money, compulsive thoughts about wanting to buy things to make me feel better, and no stable income.  It seemed like there was a lot I was lacking on the outside but on the inside I had faith, passion, and a belief in Milagros.

I wanted to live my dreams. I wanted to be free with my time, to write when I wanted, to coach, to share inspiring messages on Facebook, and to grow my business Inner Ambiance. I didn’t care if I would not succeed. I wanted to know I tried. I wanted to did my best at what I loved full time. This did not sound like the better way at time, but I trusted my intuition.

Now, fast forward to the present day, and my life feels different than it did then. I no longer feel obsessed or fearful about money. I can step into a store or mall and shop leisurely without compulsive thoughts of lack. I still do not have a steady income, but what I do have is a passion for what I do. I can say that I am living my purpose!

Supercharging your life many times means taking the leap of faith. Trusting your gut. Believing in love. Because we have been conditioned so long by our fear, what is best for us many times seems scary at first. A miraculous life happens to those who choose to believe in what the world calls, “impossible.” But how you do get there?

Here are steps you can take to supercharge your life and begin living your dreams.

I was tired of waiting for the right time. I was tired of thinking I had to have enough savings or a back up plan. I trusted my inner guide, and for me it said do what you love, now, today! No more waiting to live your life to the fullest!

I challenge you in the New Year, to supercharge your experiences. Stop settling for good, and go for great. Electrify your decisions by choosing to believe in Milagros!

1. Make a choice

I was very freaked out when I first was compelled to resign my job. My ego threw me into a whirlwind of fear. I was full of questions but had no answers. I was also full of doubt. “How would I?” “How it this going to work out?” I was plagued for weeks with inner conflict.  But I knew I had a choice. I could let my ego feed me fear or I could choose love.

I chose love. I chose to listen to my heart.

There are too many times in our lives we feel bored and stuck because we fail to listen to our intuition. The Universe winks at us, and instead of flirting back we run and get shy.  In every instance you can choose to play hard to get with the Universe, or you can allow it to take you out on a date.

I said, “Yes, I want to go out with you.” I wanted to feel alive and spontaneous. I did not want my fear to rule my life. So I made my choice.

2. Witness your thoughts

Once I knew resigning was the best choice. I became very aware of my thoughts. I knew the ego would go into MAJOR attack mode even more. So I paid close attention to what I was thinking through out the day. It wasn’t like I was counting my thoughts, but ever so often I would ask myself, “What are you thinking?” And even more importantly, “What are you feeling?” If I felt crappy or scared about what I had decided I knew I had bought into the ego’s lies. If I felt energized and excited about my decision I knew I was listening to love.

Let’s be clear. I did not witness with the intention to judge myself. I accepted all my thoughts and my feelings. Witnessing my thoughts provided the space for me to re-adjust my perception when needed. If I had been consumed by my thoughts, my ego could have easily taken over. I was my own surveillance camera.

3. Little Willingness

The Course teaches that your inner guide asks for little, and that is all it requires to transform little into greatness and mighty. All I had to do is be willing to let my inner guide take my fears.

The fear was a bit overwhelming at first. But one moment at a time I would be willing to let go. I began asking for helping and trusting the answers would come. At first I asked and wanted an answer. Then I remembered my mind was the cause of the problem, so it would impossible for the same mind to find a solution to my fears. The Course says, “ You merely as the question. The answer is given.”

I just had to be willing to receive.

Most of the time I felt I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur or a savy, business woman. These perceptions of myself gave the ego lots of material to work with. Whenever I became overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy, I opened myself to the care of my inner guide. Trusting that even though I had no clue how to promote or grow a business, my inner guide was eternally wise.

4. Reframe with love

It wasn’t easy changing my mind about not having a job, having an addiction, and not having a clue about what I was doing to create income. That’s why I had my inner guide, for support, help, and guidance.

Every fear was transformed with love. Instead of focusing on lack, I began to see abundance. I spend more time with my husband instead of running of to the mall all the time. I spend time hanging out with friends and enjoying their homes and their company. I became appreciative of having time to set my own schedule and do the things I enjoyed.  Reframing with love means allowing your inner guide to reword your situation.

Unemployed became more time. Addiction became opportunity for healing. Uncertainty became a sense of adventure.  Not having a clue became a space for growth and self -development. Every reframe was a miracle. Every miracle was a shift in my life. I stopped perceiving myself as this poor, lost girl, and began to get excited about all the possibilities. Our inner guide is there to transform any obstacle, any challenge, any detour, and any fear.

5. Practice forgiveness

I forgave myself a lot these last three months. I forgave myself every time I chose to listen to fear. I forgave myself every time I relived a past mistake with money. I forgave myself for every inadequacy, which were a lot. I forgave myself for every misperception I had about my source of happiness. I forgave myself for making an idol out of my money, for making it special, for believing that money could replace my true self.  I forgave myself for thinking I wasn’t capable of being an entrepreneur.

If you intend on supercharging your life with miracles, and experiencing real transformation, be prepared for a lot of forgiveness. Forgiveness releases us from the illusion of fear. The ego can no longer throw us into the past or project us into the future when we are practicing forgiveness. If you choose to forgive, you choose be to free. And what could supercharge your life more than freedom!

6. Cross the bridge

One of my favorite tools from the Course is the image of crossing a bridge from our old selves to the person we want to be. This concept became a repeated thought in my meditations. It was extremely helpful that Gabrielle Bernstein, author of “Spirit Junkie” has a guided meditation titled, “The Bridge.”

I used her meditation to clarify my intentions and release my fears. I let go of my insecurities as an entrepreneur, my fear of money taking control of me, my identification with the “stuff” I owned. I began creating a new picture. On the other side of the bridge, there was always this beautiful image of me sitting under a bodhi tree. I looked clam and serene. In that place there were no illusions of lack and fear. As I sat under the tree I knew I had crossed over to another place. This place didn’t have a memory of the past, or thoughts about the future, it only knew how to be present.

Visualize yourself crossing your bridge. Leave the life you don’t want behind, and step over to the life you dreamed of. The beauty of the bridge is that on the other side dreams become realities. The other side of the bridge is where the real world lies.

Most of us have waited long enough to be who we were born to be. Make the decision today to supercharge your life. Choose love. Take a leap.

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