Do I want to keep singing the same old song or am I ready for a new tune?

I have written endlessly, it seems to me, about my struggles with food.  They still exist.  I have lamented my addictions. They still hover in my mind.  I have repeated mantras, meditated, asked for help, read books and surrendered.  The weight crept back anyways.

It’s time for a new anthem.

I’m too caught up in the form.  I want salvation, but I want to look good while getting saved.  It’s insanity.

Let me be still.  Let me listen and go and do as guided.  Let me let go.  Let me let go.

And as I let go, may peace be remembered.  May I rise above the wanting of a better me and flow into the knowing of who I really am.  May I be kind to myself and others.  May I forgive in an instant and commit to constant contact.

This is my prayer, my resolution.

Danielle, my body, my self is but an illusion.  We all exist as one underneath this shell.  It is not worth my tears.  There is love to be remembered, peace to be unearthed and joy to be rediscovered.

Let me let go.


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