There is a Light

behind this darkened veil.

I’ve seen it and run away

I’m ashamed to say.

It has loving arms as wide

as the sea.

It lives in me;

is me.

And I think:

“How can I fear what is mine?”

But I do.

I fear it. Avoid it. Shut it out.

And all the while it radiates,

ignores my foolish ways,

smiles at my dodging,

rolls its eyes with neutral amusement.

It knows better.

It knows.

There is a Light within and without.

I’ve seen it so you can trust me.

And though right now I pick & choose what I bring to it,

I know one day I will fall

and fly

right back

into its embrace

and know:

I was here all along.

There is a Light, my friends.

Beyond what we see, feel and believe,

it is there.

Indeed it is.

Indeed all there is,

is Light.

I have seen It.

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