Are there examples of pure, untarnished love in this world?  Is it possible?  Perhaps not perfect and sustained love, but there are flashes.  There are blips, clear and bright.  They remind us.  They call to us in a smiling whisper with winking eyes and patient hearts.

You never left…

I love him in a way I cannot express.  I love him for the fullness of who he is.  I see his soul: silent, complete, unyielding.  Letting him go is not easy.  Indeed, this could be the hardest thing I ever do.

And I could run, I could.  I could scream out loud and wave my finger, but I will not.  All that rises up is love.  I swear it.  All that rises up is love and with it, tears at times.  Because letting go is sad and scary.

Yet I hear the whispers, see the winks and feel that soft place to land as if it were already beneath my feet.

You never left...

And yet I hold him.  And who we are together will change.  In this world of conditional love, I cannot give unto him fully by hanging on.  Am I ready for this?   I say to him “Things are shifting so fast”.  He nods in a way that tells me he’s sorry.

But the softness beyond says all is well.  He never left.

Beyond the place where we let things go is the place where everything already just is.  All the comfort, the peace and the love is there.  I see flashes and blips in the dream and the hope is that I will wake up.

But it’s not just hope.  How can it be?

I never left.

And all this is here to remind me: I never left.

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