I spend so much time in the air, grasping at clouds, ducking from rain.  I forget: Peace is my trampoline.

I focus on the bounce and not the solid surface below on which I land, every time.  Without fail….every time.

There is nothing except that which lies beneath.  The rest is a misty dream, random and obscured.

I can stop jumping.  Any day now, I could stop.

But I keep fearing the drop…keep thinking that the ground will disappear and I will sink.

Further and further I will sink,

So I think.


I’ll jump slowly.  I’ll take Someone with me.  I’ll remember I am not alone.

And I’ll witness the clouds, the sun and the rain.

I will breathe with clarity and deliberation, forgive the highs, the lows

And everything in between.

In short, I will remember

That peace is my trampoline.

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