“We can figure this out,” I said to the man before me and then felt a gentle tug in the back of my mind.

Not really, it said.

And it was just this morning that I understood.  When I attempt to “figure out” something that is not working, not flowing in my life, I am armed with ego from head to toe.  I am led down countless unnecessary paths of thorns only to end up back right where I started.  I need to take a backseat to my life and hire a new navigator, for I am indeed lost.

But I am willing to be found.

So easily I become addicted to the struggle.  It can be fun to have problems!  People are concerned, I get attention, I start feeling the love.  Temporarily I feel better because at least I’m not in denial right?  Accepting what is, that is a beautiful first step.  Surrendering what is, that is the next and often the most difficult step.

Faith is not built on blindness.  Those of us who have faith have seen the miracles before.  We have borne witness to our own compassionate transformations, the peace and the beauty.

I cannot, but God can.

When I let go, God just is.

The rest is just gravy ♥

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