There is this natural drive within me to be successful.  I want it.  I want to make money at what I love.  I want my work to reach millions, to help people, to uplift them.

Or do I?

I do, but there’s an underlying ego thing…kind of like a virus.  It wants to make this work all about ME.  It pushes me forward telling me to talk on and on about service and helping people and all the while it’s tallying up the numbers, the compliments, the dollar signs.

It is time to get clear.

What is my goal?  If it is success in this world, then I may as well throw in the towel right now.  Success in this world is a battle, a back and forth of “You Rock” and “You Suck”.  And yes, I will have to face all of that regardless, but I can learn from it.  With the right frame of mind I can quietly observe it.

That’s what I want.

I want to do what I love because it is what I am good at.  I want to be a vessel unattached to what the outside picture looks like.  I want to love everyone.  I want to be open to forgiveness.

I will breathe easy.  I will remember the Peace within.

And that Peace is unconditional, if it is my one, true goal.

And it is.

I just have to remember…to be willing to be reminded.

And success?  There is NOTHING wrong with it.  Not at all.

It’s just a dangerous goal for this girl.  But I will forgive and make peace with it just like everything else.

And I will be free.

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