It’s so tempting to make everything I do SO important.  I like feeling needed…required.  And the thought that I could go away for days, maybe even weeks at a time and not be missed is troubling to me.  It makes me panic.

There must be things in this world that only I can do, right?!

Um, well… not really.

I have skills, Lord do I have skills.  But I am meant to break away and just be from time to time.  I am called to calm my mind and rest awhile.  We all are.  I can close the laptop, turn off the phone, get a babysitter and just let go.

And in this quiet, I can be still.  And in the stillness, I can open up.  And in the opening, I can receive.  And in the receiving, I can give.  I can give the gift of a mind at peace.  This is my function.  This is my reason for being.

This may not be something that only I can do, but if don’t, who will?

Not to be special, not to prove a thing…just be…on vacation.

Neutral body, open mind.  Having fun, allowing peace.

Yeah, I can do that.

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