Do I stand a ghost of a chance at letting this go?  I don’t know.   I have held on so tightly for 15 years…my knuckles white, my palms red and ruddy.  But I am willing.  For the sake of peace, I am willing.

Who am I without this?  I don’t know.  I have worn these things like a housecoat…something to keep me safe, warm and hidden.  But I am willing to shed it.  For the sake of freedom, I am willing.

And the picture will change, but if the soundtrack is Love we can do it.  We can face it all with a hug and a kiss goodbye.  A goodbye that speaks of gone, but not forgotten.  Never forgotten.

I am willing.  Of course, the part of me that is unwilling must be seen, released, brought to light.

And I will.  For the sake of Truth, I will.

I bring it all to be cast out into the sea of forgiveness.  And turning back to look at my life, I hold on a little bit less.  I cry a little bit more.  Breathe that much more deeply.  I let it out, let it go.

And I walk on.  For the sake of Love, I walk on.

I do.

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