The calm is coming back…

I had been tense, on edge, impatient. I had peace too long I think. And when you have peace too long, it can be tempting to let the darkness creep back. Just to see. Just to see if it’s still there.

Well, it is as long as I believe that it is. And apparently I still believe that it is.

But I feel the clouds parting and the calm coming back. And the trick will be to forgive myself for forgetting again. I forgot myself. For a moment there, I lost myself.

I bought into the ebb and flow. I wore the black dress and buried my head in the mud, and all the while the sun was bright and every colour brilliant. It was always that way. And that way it will always be.


It will always be Ok. And I can smile, forgive. That there slope be slippery. But I’ve climbed back up, and this time I’m not alone.

The calm came back.

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